Cyprus Gastronomie


The Cypriot cuisinereflects the rich and turbulent history of the island. Cyprus food is influenced by the Middle East, Asia Minor and the Venetians creating all together an astonishing blend. The Mediterranean diet, the sun-ripened fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, meat and poultry combined with the local wine create the healthiest and most delicious gastronomy.

One way to experience yourselves the wide variety of the Cypriot foodis to visit a tavern and ask for what we call here in Cyprus ‘mezedes’. You will receive dish after dish of different tastes and it goes without saying that you will love the special meals. Cyprus is also rich in fish taverns and here you can taste fresh fish from our crystal clear waters. You should also try the famous ‘xalloumi’ cheese. You should definitely accompany your meal with the local drinks as well: zivania, wine, beer, commandaria.

After enjoying the various meals, you should also eat Cypriot desserts such as loucoumia, souzouko, baklava, galaktoboureko, ‘glyko’ which consists of preserved fruit, which will leave you with a sweet memory of our lovely island. Another option is to drink Cypriot coffee.

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